Online Workshops

Imogen’s workshop has really motivated me to think more, imagine more and write more.


Choose from four workshop courses to keep you entertained, creative and inspired throughout self-isolation. Each workshop will run once a week for four weeks and will last for one hour. Each workshop will contain four participants and will be held online via Zoom (full details on how to access and operate Zoom will be provided upon booking).

Absolutely no experience is necessary – these workshops are inclusive, empowering spaces where anyone with an interest in the joy of words can find their voice, build their confidence and tell their stories. 

Every service is fully customisable. Have something in mind that you don’t see here? Email me at:


Held every Monday at 7pm from 30/03/20 - 20/04/20. Spoken word poetry is an instinctive and dynamic art form. This workshop will encourage you to take inspiration in work from some of today’s best known poets and rising stars, play around with your own thoughts, make some drafts, make some more and try out your pieces in a safe environment. Through discussion and practical exercises we will craft our own pieces of spoken word poetry, while delving into ways to improve content, technique and delivery.



Held every Tuesday at 7pm from 31/03/20 - 21/04/20. The coronavirus situation is a tumultuous, terrifying time that changes by the day. Poetry - both written and read aloud - is a fantastic tool for mindfulness and expression. Together, we will work through a series of exercises and discussions, creating poetry as a means to navigate the anxieties of today.



Held every Wednesday at 7pm from 01/04/20 - 22/04/20. Ever since I first began performing poetry, I've been fascinated by how music can be used to complement and shape the language. Through touring a show with two acoustic musicians to creating a new piece backed by a four-piece band, I'm continually searching for ways to blend art forms and fuse styles. This workshop series will focus on the ways you can incorporate music into your work and the practicalities of doing so. No musical experience necessary!



Held every Thursday at 7pm from 02/04/20 - 23/04/20. From the #metoo movement to the Weinstein trial to the ongoing stories of violence against women closer to home, there is a lot to be angry about as a modern woman. Fluctuating between humour, celebration and despair, poetry can be used for understanding, navigation and expression. This workshop series will centre around creating fierce, fabulous feminist poetry to encourage solidarity and empowerment.