Feedback on a Poem

Is something not quite sitting right with your poem? Are you finding it difficult to prepare your piece to be read aloud? Would you simply like a second pair of eyes to look over your work? My feedback service involves thorough edits, suggestions and advice on one written poem or a video of a performed poem. The feedback can be a general overview or can delve into structure, content, language and performance techniques.

All feedback is offered via your preferred medium: in writing, or through Skype, WhatsApp or over the phone.

Feedback on a poem of up to two A4 pages or a performance of up to 2 minutes costs £15. Every additional piece costs £9 and can be purchased via the ‘Add On’ option.

Alongside my performance experience, I work as a professional proofreader and editor and spent a year working as editor of the 404 Ink Magazine and co-editor of Vegan Connections Magazine.

Every service is fully customisable. Working on a bulk project or have something in mind that you don’t see here? Email me at:

Feedback on one poem (written or performed)

Feedback on one written poem of up to two A4 pages or one performed poem of up to two minutes.


ADD ON: Feedback on extra poems (written or performed)

Feedback on additional written poems of up to two A4 pages or additional performed poems of up to two minutes.